So Speranza reduced the health service

WLIn the story of many who come to me. With the wise guidance of Minister Speranza, public health was destroyed under the pretext that it should be devoted entirely to “fighting” the epidemic. According to the Gran Reset program. For days and nights, terminally ill patients in the emergency room – which has become the unforgiving hospital – have become the new normal. Only one treatment recommended by Speranza, euthanasia, will be offered.

A week after the death of my 73-year-old mother, I want to tell about her last days in the rooms of the Italian healthcare system.. The mother, who had already undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy for an advanced stage micro-cell tumor, was taken one morning in late April to the Civitanova Marche emergency room for a pulse at 170.
She was parked at about 10.30 in a bed inside the emergency room. I would advise an oncologist in the same hospital, where my mother was treated, and that mother was there, to come see her and explain her case to the emergency room doctor. Several hours pass and they don’t tell me how my mother is. It is impossible to see, it is impossible for the doctor to know what tests he performed and what the diagnosis was. My mom has her cell phone with her and every now and then I can hear her and make sure she’s okay. He asserts that after a few hours he has not yet been visited. I insist on seeing her and I say it right because my mother is 100% disabled as a result of the disease. They tell me not to insist that no one can enter. In the afternoon her oncologist finally visited and on that occasion found out that she had a deep clot in one leg. Shortly before her visit, the doctor called me and read to me with my father in her office the results of the CT scan that had just been taken, showing that there was nothing to be done, as the cancer started again with more force than before, nullifying any improvement Because of chemotherapy, and now he’s also attacked lymph nodes, pancreas and other organs.
I heard my mom on the phone and she told me she tried to call the nurses for more than youNawra where he was dying of thirst and no one cared about him. I asked her why she didn’t use the doorbell but she told me she didn’t have it before. Then I attacked the phone and after a thousand tries a doctor passed me and told me there was no bell in the bed. I should note that my mother asked for some water in vain, and that she was thirsty for hours. They answer me evasively. I get upset and say I’ll call my mom in ten minutes and if she tells me she hasn’t been drinking and hasn’t been given a chance to call someone when she needs to, I go and make sure they remember that day. They hang up.

Hours pass by. At about 7:30 PM, I was finally able to get in to see her. The doctor told me I only had a minute and that he let me in exceptionally. I do not answer. I find my mother deserted in a dormitory, among other elderly women who seem to be waiting to die. Many complain constantly and they are all alone.
I stayed there with her for some time and after a few minutes the hostess comes with dinner. He stops at his mother’s bed and says:cheese for herMy mother reports that she has not been able to swallow anything for days, and that the oncologist has instructed her to feed her drip. I learned from my mother that during the whole day she had not been given a dropper, so my mother was left without food or water for the whole day, after she had been fasting. Already for 3 days.
Tell the flight attendant to go to the doctor and ask for a drip. She came back a minute later saying she had been told there was no drop by drop. If you want cheese there. My mother told me to take her away from there at once, but there is nothing I can do, because there is no free bed in any hospital. Shortly before activation and learned that a place would be available, the next day, at the Villa dei Pini clinic. I couldn’t do anything that night. I ask the attendant to show me the door to the room where this doctor is. He points at it and quickly leaves, as if foreshadowing an eruption. I knocked but didn’t get an answer. I went in, opened the door and found myself in front of the notorious doctor. I would like to note that my mother, who could not eat for 3 days, was served with cheese and was not given a drop. I wonder if they are making fun of us.

The man looks at the desk, not at me. He insists that I have explanations and then he tells me, “We should talk…I have to explain the situation very well…You should understand that there is nothing to be done, and you shouldn’t have false illusions.” I contained my anger and said, “Since she’s going to die, will you hasten death by not feeding her?” Answer: “Since there is nothing, I do not understand your enemy.” I have become a beast, and I tell him if what he has seen thinks it is aggression, he does not know it, and that I, my son, do not care about his pathological relation to death and pain, and that is to me until an hour. Much more life for my mother. A nurse literally stands between me and him and saves him from punching me and from trial. He said to me, “Come with me, come to your mother … I’ll give you a drip at once” and takes me away.

I go back to my mother and reassure her. I asked her what her oncologist had told her and she told me he had told her he had found her in good shape and in better conditions. I figured it was up to me, my son, to tell my mother that there was nothing that could be done. “But didn’t she tell you anything about Tack?” I asked her. My mom tells me no and at the same time I see calm resignation in her eyes. Explain the situation by holding her hand. What kind of doctor does not have the responsibility to explain to the patient, as is his right, his state of health? She stayed there for a while, and swore she would not spend another night there, and in the morning she would be taken to Villa Penny. In the meantime, I inform the emergency room staff that my mother would like to be transferred in the morning to Villa Penny, where there is a room. They told me that it would be necessary to wait for certain personal decisions, the bed manager, a term that would have made me laugh at another time, but at that moment it makes me even more angry.
The next morning, the same process begins again: difficulty talking to doctors, finding out when the ambulance will arrive, etc. I spoke to my mum on the phone and she told me how a woman fell beside her from her bed during the night and lay on the floor screaming for hours without anyone coming to help her. He told me they locked the door. At about twelve thirty, the transfer was finally arranged and my mother arrived at Villa Penny, in a room paid. Only there, as disgusting, they are treated with care, competence, education, kindness, and humanity. Mom, realizing what awaits her, is very calm: for a week she can receive visits and greet relatives and friends, watch TV for a while, and we all feel that we are doing everything for her. Until the moment of his death there is nothing gloomy and impersonal in it.
I’ve had the experience, of course, also from competent doctors and nurses and human beings, even in the public health system, in my life, but what do you want, this time things must have gone badly. I know it’s not all these people’s fault and the gear they’re in makes them who they are. But that’s no excuse. If that’s not an excuse because the mechanic I’m paying doesn’t know how to fix my car because he’s too tense and busy, but more than that it’s not an excuse for anyone who has anything to do with people and not machines.
Now, I wonder, what kind of country treats its weakest citizens this way, those on the verge of death? How can you not try, and then imprison and throw in the key, all those politicians who cut their health in recent years and then put billions for the policy of vaccination, and manage the case in a way that is not worthy of guilt, as evidenced by the number of deaths in Italy compared to other countries? How can you not prosecute those who leave people left in the emergency room, alone, for lack of staff and family, and vote to increase the costs of war to send weapons to Ukraine by 60 million per day? This society is sick and decadent and is no longer sufficient, I fear, to mend the rift.


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