The problems of children and young people multiply

The Ministry of Education has studied the mental health of minors in the past two years in detail, and found some troubling problems. All the details.

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A study by Agia, ISS, and the Department of Education has revealed some troubling trends in neurodevelopment and Minors’ mental health In the past few years. According to researchers, the most common diseases are: suicidal tendencies, self-harm, and eating disorders. All the details.

Mental health of minors: an emergency for children and adolescents

According to the Childhood and Adolescent Commission, Carla Jarlattiproblems affecting neurodevelopment and the Minors’ mental health They are widely spread. Indeed, in recent years, due to the epidemic, many young people and children have developed mental disorders that can become chronic.

Children and mental health
Children’s toys (Photo Pexels)

This is a question analyzed in detail by Agia and published in the Epidemiological Study, Neurodevelopment and Mental Health of Children and Young Adults. According to researchers, the three diseases that may become chronic among young people and children are:

  • behavioral disorders
  • depression, self-harm and suicidal tendencies;
  • Food disorders.

About 90 professionals, including teachers, educators, pediatric psychiatrists, pediatricians and social workers, have expressed themselves in an often underestimated issue. Let’s see the details.

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The most common diseases among young people and children

As specified in an official press release from AGIA: “The pandemic has resulted in what professionals interviewed by the research team have called a true mental health emergency.” This emergency has relentlessly increased requests for help that, however, have not found adequate answers.

there Lack of facilities Appropriateness and organization create a climate of confusion and uncertainty in the face of a sensitive issue such as the mental health of minors. The researchers who participated in the latest study listed the most common mental disorders affecting adolescents and young children. Among these:

  • behavioral disorders
  • food disorders
  • suicidal tendencies;
  • changing the rhythm of falling asleep and waking up;
  • Learning and concentration difficulties.
  • self-harm;
  • Isolation;
  • Disorders of cognitive-emotional regulation.
  • Frustration, uncertainty and confusion.

The development of these disorders has resulted inLeaving school early and the increasingly frequent use of psychoactive substances, cannabis and alcohol. Just as the much-praised fear of infection has surged into the news among youngsters.

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Then the lack of suitable accommodation facilities led to one Increasing demand from individuals That did nothing but increase inequality between wealthy citizens and hardship families. How do we overcome this problem?

Researchers stressed the need for a prevention and treatment program At the local and regional level able to support citizens in need. Moreover, the premises must equip themselves, and contain the necessary beds for minors who ask for help. as well School Psychology Service It should be encouraged and strengthened in order to encourage dialogue in a safe and secure environment for young people.

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