The war in Ukraine, live – Draghi: “Everyone is at the same table, Biden calls Putin.” Zelensky: “Crimea was never Russian, but for now let’s not discuss it”

Nikolaev, hear the explosions

Explosions were heard in Nikolaev. This was stated by the city’s mayor, Oleksandr Senkevich, while the weather warning is in place.

UNHCR: More than 6 million refugees

They have been there since the beginning of the war in Ukraine More than 6 million people who have left the country since February 24, the day the Russian invasion began. This is what emerges from the data released byUNHCR. Most of the 6,029,705 refugees arrived Poland (3,272,943), in Romania (895.828) and in Russia (785,348). they follow Hungary (583,066) Republic Moldova (459,546), Slovakia (409.527) and Belarus (27308). The number of displaced reached 1,626,500.

Azov clapper video: “Let’s keep fighting”

battalion Azov He shared a video of the fight at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol noting that “despite the lack of Ammo And a lot wounded‘, continues to refuse Attacks Russians. “On the 78th day of the war and in conditions of complete siege and despite the extremely difficult situation, the soldiers of the Azov battalion continue to eliminate the enemy from previously captured positions on the territory of the Azovstal plant,” he explained in the video, according to reports. Ukrainska Pradeshto.

Ukrainians: “Another Russian ship is on fire”

on fire in black sea Another Russian ship. This was stated by a spokesman for the regional military administration Odessaaccording to which”Vsevolod Bobrov”, the support ship, was towed to the port of Sevastopol from the area near Snake Island after a fire broke out.

Draghi on the Clean Development Mechanism: The real goal is to build a future and peace

Prime Minister Mario the Dragonaccording tohandle Some of those present at the meeting, at the start of the CDM, briefed the ministers on his visit to Washington, which he explained had allowed them to focus on the strategic question: the war took The new physiognomy Now the real goal is to ask how futureThe Hello, the path of negotiations towards peace, and, above all, what kind of peace is desired. Draghi’s reasoning started from the premise that peace is what Ukrainians want, does not specify and sustainable for years to come. And his position “on this we must bring the parties to the negotiating table.”

Dragons on the CDM: All at One Negotiating Table. Biden should call Putin

At the opening of the Clean Development Mechanism, the ministers talked about the goal of peace, according to whathandle Attendees, Prime Minister Mario Draghi Repeat that the initial effort is that all allies, but especially it is clear that Russia he is United Statethey are sitting in a Table. A table where, of course, Ukraine is the main actor. In this context, the prime minister said, Biden should contact Putin. Communication – explained the Prime Minister – should be reintense on all levels, with the ability not to forget, because it is “impossible”, but “look forward to the future”.

Four Russian missiles hit a refinery in Kremenchug

four missiles The Kremenchug refinery was hit in the northeastern region of Ukraine Poltava, which has already been attacked in recent days. The head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration announced on Telegram, Dmitriy Luninexplaining that the residents of the area are in shelters, UNIAN reports.

Lugansk, two bridges were blown up to slow the Russians

Ukrainian forces did to blow up at least two bridges On the Seversky Donets River to limit the advance of Russian troops in the Lugansk region. Reports CNNReferring to some satellite images showing the destruction of infrastructure in the area of ​​the village of Belhorivka.

Through Germany’s G7 foreign affairs, there are also Ukraine and Moldova

German Foreign Minister Annala Barbuk Officially inaugurated the G7 works staged at Weissenhaus Castle in northwestern Germany. foreign ministers of countriesUkraine Based on Moldova They were invited to attend as guests. According to tradition, the High Representative of the European Union’s foreign policy also participates in the G7 – devoted primarily to the Ukrainian crisis. Josep Borrell. The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is still recovering after Covid, and will be replaced by Deputy Victoria Nuland. Energy, food security, relations with China and climate change are also on the table. Italy is represented by the owner of Farnesina, Luigi di Maio.

Zelensky: “We respect the Pope, but we do not accept the two flags together”

“I have great respect for the Pope. When the Pope prays for Ukraine, this is what a believing person can do, we pray for God to help us, we are very grateful and there is great confidence in Him. When instead (through the way of the cross, so) show up two people to bear you knowRussian and Ukrainian, that there can be friendship between the two peoples, We couldn’t accept itThis was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Bruno Vespa in the Porta a Porta recording broadcast tonight. The Russian flag is “The flag under which they are killing us, try to understand it. “For us, when the Russian flag appears, it means occupation,” he added.

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