Up to five sick days per month

In Spain, a law providing for menstruating leave will soon be discussed. In Italy it was talked about in 2016

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In Spain, the government is preparing to discuss a law that provides for this Three days a month of illness For menstruating women. The novelty was included in the bill that, in fact, deals primarily with abortion. But, as the newspaper reveals El PaisThe Iberian Ministry of Equal Opportunities has developed a broader bill that also touches on other issues, such as leave for women experiencing menstruation. at Italia A similar proposal was made in 2016 by some Democratic Party lawmakers, but the text was then lost during the parliamentary process.

Up to 5 sick days for menstruating women

The proposal will be discussed next Tuesday, May 17, in the Council of Ministers, and it is not excluded that it will be subject to other changes and additions. As it appeared, the idea of ​​the Ministry of Equal Opportunities is to Extending the sickness period up to five days In the most problematic and obstructive cases of menstruation.

In addition, in the text of the law there are also other important innovations related to Good For women, such as paid leave for the last month of pregnancy.

Period leave included in Spain’s abortion reform law

The doctor will decide whether to extend the leave for up to five days in the event of severe pain, dizziness, vomiting and nausea. The same law also states Cancellation of value-added tax for items used in feminine hygiene. Educational centers for women at risk and women’s prisons should provide free sanitary pads.

With regard to abortion, which is soon to be the focus of the law, protocols against forced abortion and sterilization are envisaged, with particular attention women with disabilities.

Abortion, according to the guidelines of the law, is free until the 14th week of pregnancy and up to the 21st week in cases of therapeutic abortion.

Period leave can become a law: how many days are due

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

News also comes about sanitary napkins and abortion centers

Every autonomous community, equivalent to our region, which in Spain has competence in health matters, must at least ensure that Public center in the capitals of the provinces Where the abortion is performed.

Also news of the decision to take in the event of an abortion. girls come 16 years Onwards they will be able to abort without having to obtain permission from their parents or guardians.

In addition to eliminating the three days of reflection that is currently required by law, the ministry’s proposal for equal opportunity provides for contraceptives and birth control pills to be funded by the public health system.

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