Urgent call for food | This product has been withdrawn for Listeria

There is an urgent food recall under which the indicated ingredient should not be eaten, due to presumed bacterial contamination.

Urgently summon food, It is the Ministry of Health that announces all he needs to know regarding the withdrawal from sales of a very specific product.

Food Safety Inspector at Work (Adobe Stock)

It is a mature cheese, which is exposed to a problem considered serious enough to be able to pose a threat to the health of consumers. Even if all are just assumed. In fact, the notification of the relevant urgent food recall refers to “The suspected presence of Listeria monocytogenes”.

But even if a misunderstanding is assumed, whether it is serious or not, the authorities responsible for controlling food safety always prefer to withdraw food urgently for precautionary purposes. All for protection in the best possible way Consumer health.

What is this urgent food that he remembers? The withdrawal from the shelves of all supermarkets and food stores that usually make this article available to users is about cheese that carries Brand “Ciresa srl”. This is the name of the manufacturer and distributor.

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Quick recall of food and how to identify the recalled product

Sales category is instead “Derry Falcontadino”. There is only one disputed batch number regarding the problem of contamination with Listeria Monocytogenes. This is 4027.

I remembered the Valcontadino Ciresa cheese
Withdrawal of Valcontadino Serissa cheese (Photo by the Ministry of Health)

Whereas the expiration date or minimum storage period is instead double, with the products in question bearing the days 06/18/22 and 1/7/22.

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The product is marketed in complete forms Exclusive weight 7 kg. Calling all consumers who have purchased one or more wheels of this cheese, by the Ministry of Health Do not consume the item in question.

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The same must be returned to the reference point of sale in order to obtain the right to a proportional reimbursement. Situations like this don’t even require you to show the reference receipt.

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