“Victory gives energy. That’s why we are behind Milan”

Stephen de Frege, The person who wins the penalty 2-3, gets Sports Mediaset To express his joy: “We really wanted this cup. I was also seen on the pitch, we knew it was going to be difficult but we are happy with the result.”

Will this time erase the regret for Bologna?
“We don’t think about it anymore, now let’s enjoy this win and we will do everything we can to win the last two games and the championship.”

But with Cagliari, it will not be easy. Then you are also tired of overtime.
“Yes, but this victory holds us and gives us energy for the championship.”

But why are you two points behind Milan?
“We left heavy points in matches where we could and should have done better. Now we are in this situation, but we don’t give up. We keep playing and winning the last two games, hoping for the best.”

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