“We’ll give you the car back, but leave.”

The technician was challenged by the fans the message that was displayed in the Maradona stadium. Banner also against De Laurentiis: “Cialtrone”

Last October, some thieves stole a car Luciano Spalletti Under the hotel car park that the bus uses as accommodation a Naplesnow the alleged perpetrators of the robbery themselves are again heard with a shocking message posted in the stadium of Maradona’s stadium: “10-16-21: Spalletti, We’ll bring the panda back to you…“Basically, part of the Napoli supporters called on the coach to leave the team, despite the season that in any case led to qualification in the Champions League at the club’s request.

The banner is part of a moment of tension within Naples supporters, just think of the banner displayed on Monday (the 35th anniversary of the first Naples Championship): “May 10, 1987: 35 years ago, other men, other values. The current market we just keep the colours.” Third place isn’t enough then, and the possibility of a championship win fading out at the end of the season is still an open wound in the city.

Spalletti’s future still needs to be known at this point. De Laurentiis, despite the various inconveniences, sees him at the heart of the project also for the next season and the coach himself has shown his willingness to stay. Now it is necessary to understand whether this sign will lead to new reflections on both sides.

Also ADL on the horizon
After the banner against Spalletti, Thursday evening a new message appeared from the blue ultras: the group of guerrillas in fact displayed a banner addressed to the sponsor. Aurelio De Laurentiis: “He’d rather the bulging wallet win… Our annoyance is that we have a head bastard,” text them.

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