White hair, be careful if it appears too early

For many people, white hair is a defect that is difficult to accept. Many turn to dyes or reflective shampoos to cover the graying of their hair. But it is important to understand when the first white hair begins to appear in order to assess whether this effect is the result of some more important disease.

Over a certain age, almost everyone, except for the lucky ones, has bleaching their hair, but in some cases the appearance of the first white tufts is premature and therefore requires a diagnostic study.

White hair beware if it appears at an early age (web source)

our hair color Depends on the color of the hair follicles which are located at the base of each hair. located inside the lamp The melanin-rich cells responsible for hair coloring. A higher concentration will be responsible for a darker colour, and conversely, a lower concentration of melanin will produce hair that tends to be blond.

Pay attention to when the first white hair appears

With the passage of timeInside the hair follicle The melanin cells begin to deplete Until it runs out completely. After the total loss of this pigment, Hair loses its color and remains white permanently.

This process, if it occurs in the appropriate period of life, should absolutely not alarm because it is completely predictable by human physiology. But if the problem appeared at a young age, it would be a good idea to dig deeper.

It is also true that In most cases, the driver is genes Nothing can be done against him. But one of the reasons that led to the early appearance of white hair is High level of stress that leads to loss of stem cells It is inside the lamp.

Thyroid dysfunction is one of the possible causes of hair bleaching

another one Possible cause of smoking is reported Which by creating oxidative stress in our bodies, destroys melanin cells. The production of this pigment can also be counteracted by a malfunction of the thyroid gland. In fact, a recent study showed that Those with hypothyroidism can in most cases show gray hair already at a young age.

Hypothyroidism as a cause of hair bleaching (web source) direttanews.-it
Thyroid dysfunction as a cause of hair bleaching (web source)

In the end, scalp whitening can start with one Deficiency of an important vitamin, B12, which plays a key role in the formation of red blood cells. Its absence in the body leads to a weakness in the blood and, consequently, a decrease in the transport of oxygen throughout the body and subsequently to the hair follicles. In this case, the follicle will not be able to get enough melatonin to color the hair.

Obviously, also pay attention to pollution and poor nutrition that often lead to an imbalance within our bodies, and are often the cause of this unpleasant “problem”.

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