Wins «Beijing Express», Victoria Capello and Parade Vitali

from Chiara Maviletti

In second place are Natasha Stefanenko and her daughter Sasha Sabioni. Third parties Aurora Leone and Fru. The captain of the squad, Costantino della Gherardesca, moved with the victory of his friends

Crazy, from start to finish. Victoria Capello and Parade Vitale are the winners of the “Beijing Express” in the first edition of the Sky. A married couple works because it is based on true friendship, complemented as in the greatest love and very functional: she is the queen of television who has distinguished at least two generations with her style, a king of events and a smart businessman, they defeat everyone together. How many of them have become friends that everyone loves. They made it to the final with the super nominee: Natasha Stefanenko and her daughter, Sasha Sabioni. Episode after episode, they traversed the path of the sultans in style, amusing and amusing even those who followed them. Capello, relentlessly in search of hiking trips (I managed to take them everywhere) and tirelessly in the cry of «Parideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee»; Vitale, a kind of natural sedative capable of spreading serenity and a little healthy desire to enjoy in any context, even in the most extreme circumstances. They are the winners of this version of the reality show hosted by Costantino della Gherardesca (after his injury surrounded by Enzo Michio), their great friend, by the way. Which, not surprisingly, was moved.

In the heart of the Emirates

A tiring final stage like every 7000 km of this journey that ended on the rooftop of the Emirates Grand Hotel in Dubai. The pair beat mustache-haired “Mama and Daughter” while “The Jackals” Aurora Leone and Fru, third, had to give up the race after a half-stage test, one step away from the final. After visiting and competing in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Jordan and, in fact, the United Arab Emirates, this year’s adventure ended this year, at the end of a 46 km stage of running between the skyscrapers and attractions of Dubai: from the Palm Tower to Al Al Bastakiya, from The Green Planet to Emirates Tower, one of the vertical giants that symbolize the Dubai skyline. Between rehearsals in the city market and a trip to the rainforest, bat cave and piranha tank, the contestants discovered – mission after mission – the universal spirit of the Emirati Centre. The finalists donated the entire prize to support Doctors Without Borders, a non-governmental organization working with its volunteers in the countries visited by this edition.”

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