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from Alicia Crociani

The world’s richest man has tweeted that he has temporarily suspended the $44 billion process of checking for spam and fake accounts.

Elon Musk never ceases to surprise her. The South African billionaire businessman chose meticulously Twitterthe social network in which the company is about to acquire a majority stake
for $44 billion, To advertise one process pause. Agreement ‘Temporarily pending Pending details supporting account that fake/fake accounts Musk wrote, linking to a Reuters article on May 2 reporting the numbers he now wants to check on the world’s richest man. immediate reaction a Wall Streetwhere Twitter participates in the pre-market It fell 19.4% to $36.3 Against the previous closing price of $45, the price of Tesla was up 4.9%.


Another headache for Musk after the Wall Street Journal reported work from secthe authority that oversees the US stock exchange, to verify the Twitter takeover transaction, and in particular, On the irregular default secrecy of the cumulative stake in the company prior to submitting the purchase offer. while the The New York Times Remember, Musk will have to pay a $1 billion fine if he blows up the deal. The controversy is not over for Twitter. before the takeover of musk, CEO Parag Agrawal He earns $30.4 million. He fired two company directors Most new hires have been frozen. Cost cuts stemming from Twitter’s failure to meet user targets and revenue growth.

May 13, 2022 (change on May 13, 2022 | 12:56 am)

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