Breast cancer treated without chemotherapy.. Pilot study in Monza: “Great patient satisfaction”

Treating breast cancer without chemotherapy, achieving the same efficacy against the disease while reducing side effects on the patient. That is the goal of a new clinical study underway at San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Illinois Phergain-2 بروتوكول Protocol Available at Asst Brianza’s Phase 1 Research Center.

“Participation in this clinical trial is a great opportunity for our patients because they are avoiding chemotherapy in addition to receiving the two biologic drugs in a subcutaneous formulation, thus avoiding a long hospital stay for intravenous injection,” says Marina Kazaniga, Center Director for Phase I Research Professor Monza, Professor Oncology at the University of Milan Bicocca.

Breast cancer treatment without chemotherapy is possible

Not all breast cancers require chemotherapy: some cancers, for example those that secrete hormone receptors, can be effectively treated with hormone therapy alone and today, thanks to advances in recent years, even with molecularly targeted drugs.

Tested Therapy

However, there is a certain type of breast cancer that still requires the use of chemotherapy, and this is what the researchers’ efforts are now focused on: “We are trying to limit the use of some treatments, such as chemotherapy, in those forms of breast cancer that can be treated with good results with only biological drugs.” With the aim of minimizing side effects and with the same effectiveness.”

It is breast cancer that expresses the Her2 receptor in large quantities: “These tumors are very sensitive to treatment with specific agents directed against the Her2 receptor, but we believed for a long time that they would not work without chemotherapy, especially when these tumors are ineffective. They are of large size »explains Dr. Kazinga But research has progressed and now things have changed. With the new study, doctors say, “Patients with tumors small in size, less than 2.5 cm, and the absence of pathological lymph nodes in the armpit, can be treated with a combination of trastuzumab and pertuzumab, and it is now one of the more effective combination strategies.” Without chemotherapy.”

Two years ago studying Phergain-1

Two years ago, the same research group conducted another study dedicated to women with this type of cancer, the Phergain-1 study. Even at that time the results were encouraging: “Our patients were very satisfied because some were able to avoid chemotherapy, if the tumor had shrunk during the first two cycles of treatment with the same combination that we’re proposing today, in a completely new formula. But it also satisfies us very much, because we have treated our patients while improving their quality of life.”

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