Chest pain accompanied by anxiety and shortness of breath can be a dangerous wake-up call to an event that will affect women

At a recent international medical conference, stress was defined as a “global epidemic”. A real disease that affects 7 out of 10 adults on the planet according to the latest statistics. With higher peaks in most industrialized countries, such as Italy. Stress that can affect work, cause occupational diseases, but also family and loved ones. We can also associate it with many marriages that fail and which see that at least one partner ends up being analyzed due to stress. A horrible silent disease that needs to be treated as quickly as possible, doctors remember, before it turns into a nervous breakdown and depression. Therefore, chest pain accompanied by anxiety and shortness of breath are symptoms that should not be underestimated, but should be reported to the doctor immediately. Beware, however, that feeling anxious, along with other symptoms, can signal the arrival of a very serious health event.

Heart attacks are also increasing in women

For many years we have been thinking about heart attack clichés that mainly pertain to men. True, statistics still say this, but they confirm that it is constantly increasing even among women. And specifically in our roseolas, it can manifest itself in a slightly different way, compared to the classic symptoms of pain in the left arm and chest that may affect men. As doctors in this study remember, a heart attack in women can be preceded by:

  • neck pain;
  • sudden back pain
  • weakness and fatigue even if not due to exertion;
  • Sudden and uncontrolled sweating.

Chest pain accompanied by anxiety and shortness of breath can be a dangerous wake-up call to an event that will affect women

But also watch out for classic symptoms like feeling claustrophobic and short of breath. Symptoms that can appear even after making the bed and cleaning the floor. Just as sudden sweating, typical of women who have reached menopause, can be deceiving. Instead, according to experts, it could be a lesser-known sign of the arrival of a heart attack.

Nor do we underestimate the importance of shortness of breath, whether after a competitive effort, or especially when we are lying in bed or on the couch. Feeling oppressed and having difficulty breathing which can trick us and get better when we stand up. But, unfortunately, it can be a trap that will not make us understand exactly the significance of the upcoming incident.

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