Diseases necessary for early retirement

There are diseases and illnesses that are more dangerous than others that make it possible to obtain early retirement. This is what they are

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys it good health Until the end of their working relationship. This is why some diseases And diseases Specially and disabling, they can give workers the opportunity to request and obtain early retirement.


To date, there is no real list of specific diseases that would allow workers to retire early. However, there are some Circumstances Which, in case of illness, they can To clarify That the person has the right to an early pension. This is what they are.

The following are the diseases that allow early retirement

early retirement It may be due to certain diseases or illnesses. According to the rules currently in force, in fact, it is possible to retire early in the event that the worker falls ill with a disease that identifiesinability Too high to not allow work to continue.

Among the diseases that are especially taken into account:

  • chronic diseaseswhich does not provide for recovery or improvement;
  • Serious diseases caused by inability at work. In this case it is possible to retire early if you have matured 5 years of contributionsat least 3 In the past five years
  • blind: those who can retire 56 years for men and 51 For women, at least 20 years of contributions
  • illnessesCardiovascular system: If you have a recognized disability between 80% and the 100%. These are diseases such as very serious coronary heart disease, high-risk arrhythmia, heart transplantation, valvulopathy, keratoconjunctivitis, heart disease of decompensated hypertension, etc .;
  • chronic diseasesDigestive: These include liver or intestine transplantation, grade C cirrhosis, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, etc.;
  • chronic diseasesRespiratory system: severe acute pulmonary disease, severe obstructive pulmonary disease, restrictive lung disease, severe interstitial disease, complex lung transplantation;
  • chronic diseasesNervous system: Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy with multi-week complex generalized or partial seizures, etc .;
  • chronic diseasesUrinary tract, from the device Endocrinediseases Psychological and diseases Tumors.

To obtain early retirement due to illness with a recognized disability, it is necessary Submit a request to INPS. It is possible to do this online through the Social Security Institute and follow the indicated procedure. It is also possible to call the Inps toll-free number or call the Patronati and Café.

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