Ferry blows up the news of Lara pregnant!

Monday 16 May 2022above Rai 3And place in the sun It presents us with disturbing news, a promise that may not be kept and an attempt to raise awareness that, however, may fail.

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So let’s see what happens as:

Taking advantage of the news about her pregnancy, Lara (Chiara Conte) gains the strength she needs to stand up to Roberto (Ricardo Polizzi Carbonelli). The latter has to confront the unexpected grandmother only when Marina (Nina Soldano) seems so kind to her…

Renato (Marzio Honorato) Raffaele (Patrizio Rispo) has promised not to take advantage of Godeta (Patrizia Salerno) anymore, but who knows if he will be able to keep his faith in his goal.

Viola (Elenia Lazarin) tries to educate her students about the topic of crime, but her attempts may not achieve the desired result.

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