How to avoid closing the current account and stopping the car with this solution when there is no money

If the money runs out, how can the taxes be paid? Is it possible to remove the risk of foreclosure on the current account or stop the car?

When the obligation to pay taxes cannot be fulfilled, it is necessary to take measures to avoid the risk of serious proceedings.

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to pay taxes It is an obligation of all taxpayers and no one looks at it. Arrival of tax payment for the rich and the poor, For those who only have to support themselves and those with a large family, for those with their backs and those who struggle every day to survive in a world of overspending.

Taxes are used to allow the Italian state to redistribution of wealth between citizens and a guarantee Education and health And other “privileges” that other countries do not have. Therefore, it is a legitimate goal, but it requires citizens Many annual deadlines To be respected and added to the monthly expenses that the family – or the company – has to bear. And if you don’t pay the consequences They were serious Like foreclosure or parking. But what can be done if there is no money available?

Finished paying money and taxes, how to act

A taxpayer who cannot pay taxes must intervene before the tax authorities can implement the tax compulsory collection Use its power to seize the assets of the debtor. cars, current account, real estate, The risk of losing everything is real and should be removed as much as possible.

The Revenue Agency offers citizens the ability to settle their backlog through active repentance. It is a procedure by which the amount due to the beneficiary is paid Reduced penalties Compared to that applicable if the tax authorities have to request a refund of the amount owed by sending a tax invoice.

Pay in installments tax

The tool of being able to pay the amount owed before the tax authorities start the checks and investigations with the consequent sending of a tax invoice with a large amount between penalties and interest is active penance. However, the fact remains that many people do not have the necessary cash available to be able to pay the entire amount in one go.

The internal income allows them to submit an online application to apply Payment in installments. The request for payment in installments can be submitted online by accessing the portal of the Revenue Agency – Collection. A tempting opportunity, then, not to go into foreclosure or park the car but be careful So you don’t even miss one of the deadlines he sat. In the event of non-payment, in fact, the benefit of the extension will be lost and the lost amount will have to be paid in one go and as soon as possible.

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