“I work in the Naples of the future, but we need a clean environment”

Napoli coach: “At the beginning of the season they gave us the seventh behind Sarri and Mo. The car? Let’s see how they give it back to me…”

Luciano Spalletti He Flood at the press conference before Sunday’s match against Genoa: “If I work for Napoli in the future? Of course, Giuntoli is here, he is following training and we talk every day – said the coach. Stay on the blue seat -. We will be able to be strong if there are players who think right, professional behavior and also fans who support us, because they are important. Also, information that respects us and does not respect us skillfully creates two thousand doubts. The environment should be as clean as possible. All of this is required and steps can be taken forward.”

Then Spalletti tracked him back season evolution And the growth of his team: “I did not find an atmosphere of discord, but rather indifference, which is worse. Many no longer feel connected to Naples and at certain moments it seemed to me that I believed in this team alone. Today we are in the Champions League, there are regrets about not fighting to the end, but something What has changed and I feel less alone. Many believe in this Napoli, let’s go back to the starting grids that were published in the newspapers at the beginning of the season. I can do it now. After Sarri went to Lazio and Mourinho to Rome, I was in seventh! Then many things changed, Because everyone was hoping for the Scudetto.”

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Napoli, sign against Spalletti: “We’ll give you the car back, but leave”

Then the discussion moved to A sign calling for his farewelldisplayed in front of the stadium between Wednesday and Thursday, referring to the car that was stolen from it: “First of all, you have to see in what condition they will return them to me, how many kilometers they have driven and if there are Pino CDs inside. I will evaluate them when that happens. Fans tell me ‘We’re not from there.’ I found a piece of charity paper towards me. Two people could put up a banner like that. We did a banner by signing intense and challenging tournament, reaching an important milestone, and most importantly there after the title. There is also understandable regret for that period. We are the first to regret, but we have come a long way and the players have overcome great adversities. We went to play in Turin at 12, we achieved important away victories, even if we remember only the defeats in JK. We should be proud of this team.”

The race against Griffin will be the last Lorenzo Insigne To Maradona: “In the meantime, there is a very difficult match and getting to the podium. Also because football has only one way to stay in people’s hearts, to be credible. We want to have a strong and real match for our fans. He has a level performance. There are all reasons to put in a good match, including what will be Lorenzo’s last home. Among the reasons for me to accept Napoli was also the ability to work with Insigne, even for only one year. He is a source of pride and I thank him for his professionalism and availability towards me. And towards his teammates, he’s been an important reference and, of course, like all the others, he has the advantage of producing this as a result.”

on him futureHowever, he was careful to stress that he had no doubts: “I will be the Napoli coach for the second year, if you have any doubts, say so, I have no doubts. Renewal for the third? It’s too far away, here I am news every morning, every Once we wake up there is something new. I appreciate those who want to motivate us, those who aim for more ambitious goals, but sometimes we have to fight with things that don’t fit in size, often brilliantly made to destroy the improvements that have been made. We need to lose a little More energy to defend ourselves, but we continue to build a stronger Napoli.”

and talking about Life in Napleshe wanted to joke about: “Living in a hotel means devoting oneself entirely to work, but I found the solution: I received a quote for a caravan, and next year I will be touring the neighborhoods every month, so I participate in all the local festivals. I will do in Piazza Dante in front of the library Historic Peronti (former Neapolitan boxer and publisher who died last September 15, editor), whom I did not have time to meet and with whom I would have been happy to play chess. My son who has a passion for boxing showed me a little of his book.

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