Jaffe tells Phil Spencer that it’s bad and advises him to do therapy, after the Starfield Show – Nerd4.life has been postponed.

also David JaffeThe father of the God of War series wanted to talk about the postponement of Starfield and Redfall that Bethesda announced yesterday, which shocked the gamer community.

More precisely, he commented on his statement Phil Spencerspends harsh words on the boss of Xbox, and tells him so suck And he should do the treatment.

Jaffe has become a commentator in the gaming industry

You suck, Phil Spencer. I was gay when I was 28. I knew I could take on projects, I knew I had salable ideas, but my mind was directly connected to the spirit of the time. It took me seven, eight, nine months to realize I couldn’t make a game, let alone a game I was making as well…it allowed me to understand that there are things we’re good at, very good too. , and the things that we are not into.”

“Go get some therapy, Phil Spencer. You’re not good at this part. You’re not good and you don’t have to be that kind of person… It’s no accident.”

Despite the criticism, Jaffe reiterated that he is still a fan of Xbox and considers Spencer a visionary, but simply believes he is not particularly good at managing.

“Don’t fire Phil Spencer. Phil Spencer is a visionary, I love what he’s done with Game Pass.” For Jaffe Spencer, though, he should get out of the way, start doing something else, and hire someone who can manage: “Phil Spencer does it, your plan is valid, and your infrastructure, when it comes to these studies, is strong, it’s all .cool, but you can’t handle it. You can’t do that.”

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