Juventus’ nightmare is not just Inter on Dybala: a surprising shot

The Paulo Dybala’s future Keep holding on to the ground. Now at the end of his long adventure in Juventus, the Argentine is looking for a new residence. probably Stay in Italy.

Dybala, Inter must hurry up

Already hurting to say goodbye, Juventus fans are hoping Don’t find yourself against him as an opponent in the league. Losing Paulo Dybala after seven years is already complicated, and seeing him in the shirt of another Italian club would certainly be painful. However, the nightmare of the Juventus people could soon become a reality.

For some time there was talk of a Strong interest from Inter Against the Argentine 10. Beppe Marotta has been a huge fan of him for a long time. He would have done anything to bring him to Milan, the Nerazzurri side, but first you have to cover his expenses, perhaps with an excellent sale or saving on some players’ salaries (Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez).

Dybala – Roma guarantee Mourinho

In this unclear situation, Rome can join. According to Corriere dello Sport, the Giallorossi, who were soon involved in the Conference League final, will consider how to improve the squad for next season, giving Jose Mourinho some elements of pure class.

Among the many names at risk, there will also be Paulo Dybala. Roma is an ambitious club and Jose Mourinho is a guarantee for everyone. Paulo Dybala may be tempted by the idea of ​​winning the Olympics. In Rome he will be welcomed as king And with a Special One to guide her, anything becomes possible.

The future Dybala, external proposals

Inter, Roma but not only. Paulo Dybala It is a zero coefficient that tempts many. Many great clubs that may soon be fBurn forward. Manchester UnitedGiven Paul Pogba’s sure farewell, he needs a new ace and the Argentine would be perfect. Attention also Bayern Munich On the verge of losing Robert Lewandowski. More isolated but always In running Barcelona and Real Madrid. In short, Paulo Dybala will soon be spoiled for choice. Everyone is waiting for his decision, especially the Juventus team, which mourns his farewell and cheers for the external solution.


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