Letizia di Spagna on the beach, her arm with exposed muscles

Letizia Spain They went with her husband Philip to visit the region of Las Hurdes, on the occasion of the centenary of the voyage of King Alfonso XIII. For the occasion, Rina wore a very summery look with plenty of Kate Middleton rope shoes and a rope blouse showing off His amazing muscles.

After Mango’s two-tone dress, and after revealing her steel abs with her strategically cut fuchsia dress, Letizia di Spagna has discovered another part of her body that shows everyone her sculpted physique, as a result of hard training and Balanced but strict diet Which he also imposes on his daughters, or at least on Sophia, the youngest, since his sister Leonor has been in Wales since last September to attend an exclusive boarding school.

Letizia di Spagna, the recycled summer look

The appearance that Letizia chose to visit the village of Pinofranqueado is not original. In fact, Reina pulled a few tops from her wardrobe, perfect for less formal summer engagements. The outfit consists of Emerald green blouse With exquisite detailing thanks to the bow on the neck, which has now become a must-have for crowned heads, ever since Lady Diana first proposed it. This is not the first time that Donna Letizia has taken inspiration from the Princess for this refined ornament.

Spanish Letizia flexes her muscles

The blouse is elongated and this allows you to do so Show biceps and triceps It is impressively carved. Not even Jane Fonda at the time of aerobics classes in the ’80s. The gown, which is signed by Carolina Herrera, has been owned by the Queen for 10 years. He first wore it in 2012 at a conference in Barcelona, ​​then showed it again in July 2017 in Oviedo.

This time he paired it with a wide white skirt with red and yellow flowers, the model is called “Girasole” and it’s from Sweet Matitos, a Spanish brand created in 2017. Also in this case, the clothes are upcycled. It was introduced by Dona Letizia in 2018 during the trip to Haiti. Skirt price? 260 euros.

Letizia from Spain Rope Beach Shoes

The accessory that makes summer is undoubtedly the rope shoe that Reina Letizia always wears in the warm months, as Kate Middleton shares her passion for these shoes. The model chosen by Felipe’s wife is beige, with ankle strap, by Macarenas. Perfect for a stroll on the pebbly beach along the river, she posed with her husband to take some formal shots.

Letizia from Spain Muscle

Letizia Spain

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