Siamese twins undergo a risky process of separation: here they are after a year

The news of expecting twins may frighten many parents at first, but it undoubtedly brings joy and happiness at the same time. However, that enthusiasm can quickly turn into fear and anxiety when it comes to it Siamese twin.

Heather and Riley Delaney They tried this experience firsthand and decided to share it on their social pages and in many interviews. But let’s get to know their history better …

The couple had always wanted to expand their family and when Heather received the news that she was pregnant with twins, the joy was truly indescribable.

But after a few months, ultrasound scans revealed a problem with the development of the fetuses and doctors informed the future parents of the news that would completely disturb them: The twins will be born with a condition called “craniumIt meant my mom would give birth to one baby. A pair of conjoined twinsknit by their heads.

This is an extremely rare condition, with children also sharing part of it, in addition to sharing part of the skin brain tissue Based on Blood vessels. Precisely for this reason, the separation procedure is very risky and delicate.

Caesarean section, which occurred prematurely 10 weeksShe was hospitalized in Philadelphia and gave birth to two daughters named Irene and Dereach weight less than 1 kilo. Because of the emergency delivery and the size of the twins, it was not possible to separate them immediately after their birth, but had to wait a year.

But over the past 12 months, the girls have undergone a series of treatments to “prepare” them for the operation. For example, because of their union they could not learn to crawl and walk, and therefore during the first year they underwent experiments to strengthen leg muscles.

After many months of waiting, the surgery was finally done and despite its complexity it was done in the best possible way. The girls were separated and became the youngest twins to undergo such an operation, it was reported Dr. Taylor.

Today, more than a year after their split, Erin and Abby are finally living a completely normal life and are in excellent health. The Progress They are getting bigger day by day and even knowing it will be a journey with ups and downs, parents are thrilled to see their daughters like this.

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