The best restaurants in Friuli Venezia Giulia? Who gets the most hats from the 2022 Espresso and News Guide

Udine. The wonderful food of Friuli Venezia Giulia (and out of bounds) is making its way onto the national scene. The 2022 edition of “Le guide dell’Espresso”, presented in Florence, may, in fact, offer unexpected, but certainly worthy prizes, with two special prizes and an upgrade to a number of high-profile venues.

Fabrizia Meroy, of Laite di Sappada (4 caps), was crowned Chef of the Year, while young Albanian-born Frisian, Kevin Fizulay, brought the trophy of Italy’s best pastry shop to Trieste, at Harry Piccolo. Once again, Antonia Klugmann, Chef of “The Frontier” at L’Argine di Vencò, became the first to receive the five hats in the region, the top of the top of the guide directed by Enzo Vizzari (Here are all the details).

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