Videos and photos showing the evolution of the game –

EA Motive is back with a remake of dead space at video and in Picturesallowing us to savor the work done to update this hugely popular horror and sci-fi title, considered by many to be among the best of the genre.

Instead of releasing one video clip, the studio released four of them, during a live broadcast that lasted about an hour, where improvements Environment, characters, visual effects and lighting system. These are definitely videos that will appeal to development enthusiasts, as they detail how the upgrades were implemented. The first can be found in the news header, and the other three can be found below:

as we see some artistic work From the new Dead Space:

The images allow you to see the hero transform into some of the game settings, redesigned for the new version, which will translate into gameplay thanks to the new frostbite engineobviously not abandoned by all electronic arts studies.

As mentioned earlier, the new material was shown during one flow Dedicated to the game, which was attended by creative director Roman Campos-Oriola, chief producer Philippe Ducharme and artistic director Mike Yazigian. Also in attendance was a special guest: Blayne Smith, as well as the various developers who spoke in the videos.

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