Ambra Angiolini and tears live with Paolo Bonolis

Ambra Angiolini was beautiful, funny and very kind, and she made herself known to the general public when she was still very young. Many of us will have to recognize her in the ’90s, during the popular broadcast It’s not my opinion, where the showgirl was already able to show all her talents in front of the cameras. For a while, Ambra also ventured into music, releasing her hit single i belong to you, along with the album of the same name, but this arc helped her understand that her path was definitely the path of acting. Indeed, having learned this wonderful art to the fullest, Ambra Angiolini became a successful actress, having the opportunity to work for prestigious directors and together with actors of a certain caliber.

Ambra has proven to be an absolutely versatile woman capable of running any sector of Italian television. But his talent is also tangible in other sectors. Radio, for example, allowed Ambra to acquire a series of skills that professionals value so much. In fact, women have participated in important radio shows such as Morning Radio Capital and many other programs he conducted on Al Rai Radio. Let’s not forget that the actress was also on top of important events, such as the concert on May 1, where Ambra proved to be a competent conductor, who managed to impress the audience. In the coming months, we’ll see her in another very important project, on behalf of Sky, where the woman will try her hand at a completely new experience. Angelini will actually be one of the judges x factor, One of the most popular talent shows on Italian TV.

She will be joined by Fides (a long-awaited return), Manuel Agnelli and Dargin D’Amico. The important quartet sees Ambra as the only woman in the bench of judges. Beautiful and energetic, Amber has also played an important role in the film industry. A very talented actress who has also worked with very important directors. This made her one of the actresses most followed by the public, including children. That’s why Paulo Bonolis decided to host him Who framed Peter Pan? a while ago. However, only during one of the episodes of the show did the actress break down in tears. the reason? It is definitely very special. One of the children asked Amber if she could cry on command, and the woman immediately burst into tears. So the woman was able to make the most of that moment to show off her acting skills, and she caught everyone’s attention.

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