Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Moscow and “Sweden and Finland in NATO: a fatal mistake”

from Lorenzo Cremonese, Jose Fasano, Marco Amarisio, Marta Serafini

On Monday, May 16th, news of the war was broadcast live. Sweden is considering joining the coalition in Parliament. Moscow does not negotiate on the Azov Battalion. At night, they shot at a hospital in Severodonetsk

• The war in Ukraine has reached its eighty-second day.
• At Azovstal, hope is over: yesterday the fighters still fortified inside the steel mill were ready for the final battle.
• Finland has officially applied to join NATO
• Because now a decisive phase of the war is approaching: the Russians are late in their plans, but they are advancing to the east

• Protests (small and hidden) against Putin in Moscow

09:40 – Moscow, no preparations for Putin-Biden talks

Russia and the United States are not making arrangements for talks between the leaders of their respective countries, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, or between chief diplomats Sergey Lavrov and Anthony Blinken. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said today. TASS reports. Ryabkov said no such preparations are underway.

09:19 – Moscow, Sweden and Finland in NATO: a mistake with consequences

joining The accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO would be a mistake with consequences Long-term and radical change in the global scenario. These are the words of the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, which were reported by the Russian media.

08:42 – China in the G7, sufficient interference in internal affairs

China calls for an end to interference in its internal affairs in response to Saturday’s statement by G7 foreign ministers, tensions over Taiwan, human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Tibet, pressure on Hong Kong, disputes in Chinese seas east and south, and Beijing’s warning. Not helping Russia invade Ukraine. What I want to point out is that affairs related to Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong are purely internal matters A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London said that China does not tolerate interference from outside forces.

08:29 am – Training begins in Estonia (with Finland and Sweden)

scheduled for May 16 beginning NATO maneuvers On a large scale, it was planned months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Among the main maneuvers, Codename HedgehogIt will be based in Estonia and will include 15,000 soldiers from 14 countries, including currently non-member Finland and Sweden, who are currently applying to join the alliance. The operation is also scheduled defender europe And Quick responseWhich will include 18,000 soldiers from 20 countries and will be held in Poland and eight other countries. In addition, in Lithuania, another exercise has the codename iron wolf Which includes 3 thousand units of the Allied forces.

07:53 am – Sweden, Prime Minister requests parliamentary support for NATO

today, swedish prime minister,
Magdalena Andersonwill go to Parliament to get broad support for Country’s application for membership in NATOAfter his Social Democratic Party abandoned a long-standing opposition to joining the alliance in the wake of concerns raised by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I will make sure there is broad parliamentary support for Sweden’s application for membership, and then we will make a decision at the government level, Andersson said yesterday at a press conference reported by the Guardian. guardian. Sweden – he said – need Security guarantees derived from joining NATO. If we were to remain the only country in the region outside NATO, we would be in a very vulnerable position.

07:40 – Sweden, Finland in NATO and Turkey slow down: We want guarantees

(Paolo ValentinoWith his usual liveliness, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign minister, sums up the meaning of the day: politics, sometimes even theatrical and sometimes like a bazaar, is negotiated to the end. But in the end an agreement was found. spectrum Turkey vetoes Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO Hovering over the Berlin summit of Atlantic foreign ministers, but heads of diplomacy leave the German capital with a strong perception that Ankara is not a principled opposition. Here is the full article

7:13 am – Russia, Britain lost a third of their army

The British Ministry of Defense said in its daily intelligence update that The Russian army lost up to a third of its combat forces It has been operating in Ukraine since the end of February and does not acquire any large lands. The ministry said on Twitter that under the current conditions, Russia is unlikely to significantly accelerate its advanced rate in the next 30 days. amr 160708 May 2022

07:10 a.m. – What does Biden want to do?

(Giuseppe SarsinaThere is no US negotiating proposal that calls into question Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken confirmed this yesterday, at a press conference, after a face-to-face confrontation in Berlin with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. The position of the US government remains unchanged. He was and remains the one approved from the beginning of the conflict: the United States supports the resistance in Kyiv, but the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, will decide whether, how and when to open negotiations with Vladimir Putin. He admitted, and has not yet given, that the Kremlin leader is ready to seriously discuss. Here is the full article.

07:08 – New weapons that Italy will send to Ukraine

(Maria Theresa Meli) Today painter Lorenzo Guerini in Copasir il Third Arms Decree of UkraineShe signed with Luigi Di Maio and economics owner Daniele Franco. The two previous times, the Minister of Defense had no problems in the Parliamentary Committee on the Security of the Republic, and the three defenders of the Five Star Movement of which he is a part practically did not open their mouths when the Minister of Defense mentioned the war. I sent supplies to that country. exactly the contrary. The second time around, the vice president of that body, M5S Federica Dieni, to avoid getting into the discussion, let loose with a joke: We girls are less used to talking about guns.

But things may change today, given that for some time Giuseppe Conte decided to lift the embargo against the government and ask Mario Draghi to send weapons to Ukraine. This time the Five Star Movement could stumble and try to give the Secretary of Defense a hard time. Provided that the three kobesir men follow their leader, which they have not yet done. Here is the full article.

01:41 – in the bombing of the Severodonetsk hospital, 9 . were wounded

Russian troops opened fire on the Severodonetsk hospital: he was informed by the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Haiday. According to Hayday, 9 civilians were injured and received medical treatment at the hospital, which continued to function during the bombing. He concluded that there had been 11 artillery attacks in Severodonetsk on the last day: the Russians bombed homes, a chemical plant, a school, and a hospital.

00:10 – Zelensky: Negotiations on Azovstal and a military exit as well

Volodymyr Zelensky says negotiations are underway to get people out of Mariupol, including Ukrainian fighters trapped in the Azovstal steel plant. This was announced by the President of Ukraine in a video message: We are continuing very difficult and sensitive negotiations to save our people from Mariupol, from Azovstal. We take care of this on a daily basis. The main thing is to respect the agreements. A few hours earlier, however, Moscow denied – in the words of the presidential adviser and head of the Russian delegation to the Russian-Ukrainian talks, Vladimir Medinsky – that the fighters of the Azov Battalion could be the subject of political negotiations. In Mariupol, the steel plant is still under fire, while Kyiv condemns the Russian use of phosphorous bombs. Katerina, wife of a soldier of the Azov regiment, said at a press conference that the fortified men of the Azovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol had given up hope and were preparing for the final battle.

11:00 pm – Zelensky: The Russians are preparing for a new offensive in Donbass

Ukraine is preparing for new Russian attempts to attack Donbass, to strengthen its positions in southern Ukraine. According to President Zelensky: the occupiers still do not want to admit that they are in a dead end and that their so-called special operation has already failed. The people will push the invaders to fully recognize reality. Zelensky commented that in the areas now occupied by the Russians their temporary residence. There will still be Ukrainian flag, Ukrainian law and Ukrainian life.

17:23 – Sweden, the ruling party accepts NATO’s candidacy

For decades, Swedish Social Democrats opposed their country’s entry into NATO. The party – which for decades has been a pillar of Swedish politics and the party of the country’s current prime minister, Magdalena Andersson – has in fact built its identity on two centuries of nonalignment. However, the war in Ukraine changed everything, which is why the Swedish Social Democratic Party of Workers today issued a statement declaring its support for Sweden’s candidacy for NATO membership.

The turning point was expected for a few weeks. But before the conflict began, it was considered out of the question, as Paolo Valentino explained: just a few months ago, the Social Democratic Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson flatly ruled out any scenario of joining.

Finland applied for NATO membership: Everything has changed since Russia attacked Ukraine, and I personally believe that we can no longer believe that there will be a peaceful future alongside Russia by being alone, said Sanna Marin, the Finnish prime minister, explaining the decision .

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