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While flight attendants are generally kind and polite with passengers on the plane, they can also get impatient, especially when dealing with very rude people. A flight attendant, for example, told on the social platform Reddit how she’s getting revenge on the most annoying passenger: “When someone was really rude, I would go to the computer and I used to take back their TV screens all the time, so they couldn’t watch their movies. I know he’s very mean to me.”

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However, users of the social network did not judge her for her confession. On the contrary, they gave all their support to the hostess: “The same for the waiters. Never go wrong with people who bring you food or who give you comfort.” Another wrote:you did wellWhile another flight attendant added, “I think it depends on the airline. In my case, we can turn individual TVs on and off, but we can also do it for each area or for the whole plane.”

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The other assistant also explained that there is “a switch under our seats that can turn off screens in the whole row, but it’s hard to do it covertly.” Anyway, the final warning is: “Remember, always be nice With the flight attendants! “.

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