SUPERTECH BACKPACK Piquadro – Sony XM5 and LinkBuds S review – Andrea Galeazzi

Friday means unpacking and so today we break down so many fun things to try, in fact.. let’s give it a try right away! In particular, I’m referring to a new Piquadro backpack with LEDs and two headphones from Sony, LinkBuds true wireless with ANC and an XM5 over-ear. Let’s see how they go!

Sony LinkBuds S.

Let’s start with Sony, remember LinkBuds? Those jack speakers I selected were great which I love to use on the bike or in all situations where communication with the outside is essential. Now comes the Model S, which loses this distinctive feature.

These are very light wireless headphones, only 4.8g each, with active noise canceling working very well, only on the bike at full speed (25km/h) the wind started to come in and you could hear everything a little muffled.

Runtime with active noise cancellation is about 5 hours and it is IPX4 sweat and rain resistant.

These are excellent wireless headphones that are tactile and feel good, for obvious reasons being in-ear better than the first LinkBuds, but they’re not as revolutionary and original as they were.

Sony LinkBuds S Wireless Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones – Ultra Lightweight…

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200.00 EUR

Sony XM5

You’ve always loved Sony’s XMs and you’ll probably remember them, since 2, then 3 to 4 there wasn’t a big upgrade (but we’re always talking about very high sound quality) and finally hours with the XM5 there’s more news. .

These innovations are above all in design, and are much more drastic and in my current opinion, even if that involves losing the possibility of folding and making them more bulky when not in use.

Needless to say the sound quality is very high, it used to be so high that it’s hard to find differences, especially not having 4 but it would be hard to find better and even noise suppression and higher connection microphones.

Personally, I would put them on par with Apple’s AirPods Max, but these, while they cost a lot, still cost €200 less, so yes, they are an upgrade!

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones – 30 Hours Battery Life – Aroun …

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419.00 EUR

Piquadro Backpack

Piquadro backpacks are always at the fore and even in this case the company does not contradict itself. The material is excellent workmanship, the pockets are innumerable, and to maintain safety, there is a combination to open it and a wire to hold it at a fixed point and prevent it from being moved too easily when we are distracted.

The gem of this backpack, however, is the built-in powerbank, which then allows you to plug your devices into the backpack’s built-in sockets (USB-A and micro-USB, unfortunately no USB-C) and the rear LED lights. The latter allows you to always be clearly visible, for example when riding a bike, and in fact it can be set to white or red, static or flashing.

hook picquadro backpack

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