Air conditioners reward 2022 for who deserves it and how to request it

The Air conditioner request With the heat and also this year, it is possible to take advantage of the bonus. Motivation emphasized by Budget Law This year, it allows you to take a tax deduction from 50 to 65%, depending on whether you use the Restructuring Bonus, Furniture Bonus (at 50%) or Ecobonus (at 65%).

Rewards conditioners, it also gets

Air conditioner bonus is obtained either as a direct deduction when purchasing the device, or through a tax return. It will be necessary to document the expenses incurred for the business giving the right to deduct and increase the energy efficiency of the building. Isee is not required so anyone is entitled to a discount.

50% air conditioner bonus

Air conditioning bonus 50% for doing housework and benefit 50% renovation bonus. Thanks to these latest interventions, you will be entitled to the same percentage of the tax credit on the purchase of an air conditioner. However, business must start after January 1 of the year preceding that in which the device was purchased. The bonus is also available when you choose a balance transfer or invoice discount as an alternative to the classic discount on extraordinary renewals or maintenance.

65% Air Conditioner Premium

Air conditioners’ 65% bonus is due to those who use the environmental bonus for energy redevelopment on the property. The tax deduction for the purchase of a new air conditioner rises to 65% if it was purchased with a high-efficiency heat pump, with a maximum deduction of €46,154 in ten annual installments. The 65% discount can only be requested by those who start renovating the building from January 1 of the previous year to purchase the air conditioner.

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