Barbara Palumbelli, with a broken voice: “I heard it with my own ears.”

Recently, during an episode of Lo Sportello di Forum, Barbara Palombelli made a touching confession that no one expected.

Journalist and presenter, Barbara Palombelli has been the face of the Forum for several years now, the historical format of Canale 5 and Lo Sportello di Forum.

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Recently, During one of the last episodes that aired, he made a really touching confession. That’s what he said.

Barbara Palumbelli and her touching confession

Barbara Palumbelli’s career It started many years ago. era the end of the seventies When he joined the weekly L’Europeo directed by Mario Berani. In 1980 she became a journalist and since then has collaborated with several newspapers, such as Il Giornale, Panorama (for which she was deputy editor), Il Corriere della Sera and la Repubblica.

His television career began in the late eighties With Dominica N., who gave him interviews. From that moment he moved to the case with the Italians, Se Telefonando, column 28 min, Otto e mezzo, Punto ea capo, Matrix, Quarto Grado (in the role of columnist) and so on. We know that last year he also co-led an episode of Sanremo along with Fiorello. in September 2013 Then go to the forum administration and forum office, respectively in Canale 5 and Rete 4. In this latest broadcast, Barbara Palombelli made an unexpected confession that impressed everyone.

That’s what he said

Barbara Palumbelli talks a lot about her meeting with Mother Teresa from Calcutta Which was touching, exciting and even revealing in some way. As she herself told of that meeting, in which her husband also participated, According to them it was required by an older person. During that visit, the couple confessed to Mother Teresa of Calcutta that they wanted to adopt a child, but she spoke of the children in the plural. We know that the hostess and her husband, Having had her first child, Giorgio, she naturally adopted three children, Francisco Serena and Monica. The two girls are sisters by blood and the couple decided to adopt them together.

Many years later, during an episode of Lo sportello di Forum, Barbara Palombelli used a quote from Mother Teresa: “Let us not be content with just giving money, for it is not enough. I wish there were more people to give their hands of service and love with their hearts.” At that point, she added, she moved on: “I was very fortunate to hear that sentence with my own ears.”

Barbara Palumbelli and the influential revelation - Politician 24
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