Bernardeschi: “Five wonderful years at Juventus. The future in Italy or abroad? Open to everything”

Federico BernardeschiJuventus winger, talk to him dazn After the defeat in Fiorentina, his last appearance in Juventus: “I received some messages … a lot. Today is a special day, I am happy. My wife wrote to me, she is always there for me and said simply: enjoy all this.”

What is the best memory of Juventus?
“I have a lot…maybe the first cup. It’s been a great 5 years, today I gave a speech to all the players, the management and the coach after lunch: I thanked them, each of them gave me something as a person and the man. The Juventus world made me feel at home, I can’t help but say thank you” .

What is the benefit of having an Allegri?
“I have a special relationship with the coach, he knows how much I respect him and that I owe him a lot. He also passed on important things to me.”

His experience with Juventus ends in Florence.
“I was thinking about it, it’s exactly closing the circle.”

Will he stay in Italy or travel abroad?
Open to everything.

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