“Boyfriend? This is how long I haven’t made love”, a riddle about his love for Carlo

Sophie Sorge, one of the heroines of the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip, is on vacation with her friend Sophie Codegoni, shedding light on her love life.

Soleil rise free. former suitor men and womenthe former competitor of Big Brother Vip 6 Conducted by Chi magazine with Sophie Codegonithe former tronista of men and women who are with them Soleil It seems that he managed to get rid of all the misunderstandings and quarrels on the reality show Mediaset, giving life to a new relationship away from the spotlight.

Gf Vip, Soleil Sorge jokes: “Boyfriend? This is how long I haven’t made love,” and the mystery about his love Carlo

The two previous generations are located in Ibizia with Alessandro BaccianoEx-Givino & Boyfriend Sufi And Gianluca Costantino, also among the reality show heroes and a great friend of Paciano. The two girls answered a few questions on Instagram, immersed in some intimate confidence.

When asked about “art chemistry”a clear reference to the triangle between Delia Duran and Alex Bailey and former suitor, Sufi I changed the subject while, Sully, He made an unmistakable gesture with a lot of comments, “What two balls..!” , indicating that she will now leave with her artistic friend beauty It is now closed and buried.

but that is not all. When asked when was the last time two ex-girlfriends made love, Sufi he answeredfirst” While Soleil scattered again:

“Anyone with a calendar? But I’m making love with flavor”.

and “Superman”, a Sicilian businessman by name Charles The one who declared that she liked her very much? Not received. In fact, no one in her company has seen her since. So it is likely that Soleil He was back celibate or perhaps, as a malicious claim, the man was not there at all.

A completely different story for her friend Sufi He is now inseparable from him bachiano With things moving at full speed.

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