Car Rental Bonus: How does it work?

As far as the auto sector is concerned, an added bonus is on its way to car rentals. But how does it work and what does it do? The will of companies is to fill the void in a rapidly growing sector: let’s see what it’s all about in the following paragraphs.

after start ai Incentives to buy hybrid or electric carsThe car world panorama is rich with new reward. This is the Car Rental BonusIt is a sector that needed intervention because it is one of the sectors that remained exposed.

Let’s see how the bonus works and to whom it will be paid.

Car Rental Bonus: What is it?

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Let’s try to understand the origin of the bonus, when and how it can be used. after entering Incentives to buy electric or hybrid cars and motorcyclesThere was a feeling of need to fill an important void that institutions could not fill. What happens next?

The initiative was taken by a private car rental company horizonThe objective is to support the long-term rental sector. The method chosen is to prefer overvaluation of used cars for rent for a period of at least 12 months. All subscribers of The long-term contract will receive a bonus of three thousand euros for the equipment used.

Horizon Rental Bonus: Who is it for?

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The long-term car rental bonus is aimed at all the self-employed, who can go ahead with the purchase of the car using lease. Instead, the long-term lease agreement of funds is excluded, because it is a concession of use that does not provide for change car title.

Initiatives that private companies take independently are an excellent response to market needs, where government cannot reach for reasons of needs.

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