Didn’t happen in 20 editions

It ended up with Amici, as viewers picked another winner, never before. Here’s who wanted the audience to win.

Friends denied victory – DonnaPress.it

This edition of Friends 21 Maria de Filippi also concluded the track this year with the school’s students. Six boys reached the final, Albee, Alex, Luigi, Michelle, Serena and Sissy, two winners in the singing and dancing category but only one was The winner who fulfilled the dream of winning and lifting the trophy, Luigi Strangis.

As usual, every release impresses my viewers channel 5, Above all, there are some students that the public loves very much. In fact, fans of De Filippi became fond of a particular competitor and his semi-final release aroused a lot of bitterness. The boys with their characters win the hearts of viewers and if there was a telecast in the previous episodes, he might have made it to the final. But who is he?

Luigi Strangis - winner Amici 21 - donnapress.it
Luigi Strangis – winner Amici 21 – donnapress.it

The real winner of Amici 21 for fans: they wanted him to win

It’s Latin, Nunzio Stancampianothe dancer who replaced Mattia Zinzola, after the latter was injured and had to drop out of school. Nunzio entered everyone’s hearts not only for his talent but also for his ability to entertain. Indeed, during the day he had a lot of fun “teaching” Celentano all the steps of Latin American dance.

In the program, the boy found a relationship with the teacher Raimundo Todaro Which he already knew as a child by attending Latin American competitions. Nunzio, even if he joined after several months of his buddies, managed to outsmart everyone, from every cast. friends for viewers.

Nunzio Stancampiano - Winner of the Amici 21 Audience Award - donnapress.it
Nunzio Stancampiano – Winner of the Amici 21 Audience Award – donnapress.it

For him, winning the program was a real dream, and in fact these were the words of the dancer when he left school: “When I joined Friends I was very exuberant and persuasive. I’ve changed a lot now, I’m more critical of myself when I dance. I miss Celentano a bit too, especially her teasing. “

Then Nunzio continued:I never thought of winningI lived through the different episodes. Then I saw I was going, the match was getting tougher and I did everything I could and started thinking about it. Imagine it and dream about it But then I got out, but I’m happy with the way I took. “

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