Electronic Arts: a wave of layoffs after the farewell to the FIFA license

a few days ago electronic arts Officially announced the end of cooperation with FIFA. As a direct result, the next soccer simulation of the American giant will be named EA Sports FC. There will be other ‘side effects’: According to a report by Kotaku, a divorce between EA and FIFA would have resulted in Dismissal of many employees.

An Electronic Arts spokesperson partially denied the reports The decision is not related to EA Sports FC n Any other company brand.

Kotaku: Electronic Arts has fired more than 100 employees

Kotaku’s Ethan Gach claims that EA has fired several customer service agents from EA Austin. According to a source close to the company, About 100 employees participatethey all come from the assigned team of the so-called “live operations”which consists of providing assistance to users who have problems with microtransactions found in games such as FIFA 22.

Kotaku also had access to the following press release: “We are constantly evolving to provide better experiences for our fans and are working to improve our support model”. These are the words Quill KnutsonVice President of Customer Experience at EA. We read in the email signed by Knutson, In order to reduce complexity and increase efficiencyThe company will remove the “live operations” role from its Austin office. This process will also include offices E.A. Galwayin Ireland, where there will likely be gods Employee discounts.

EA’s decision came after repeated complaints from EA employees Austin and Galway were criticized by employees Wage increases, considered insufficient We’re talking about equal increases $0.10 an hourAccording to information obtained by Kotaku.

Changes in our customer service department It is not related to any of our franchises, nor is it related to the recent announcement of EA Sports FC, writes a spokesperson for Electronic Arts in an email delivered to Kotaku, explaining that the company’s customer support supports a wide range of games and services, including Origin and EA Play. In the same message we read that they created 10 new jobsAll about customer support for mobile games: Dismissed employees are free to apply, says an EA spokesperson.

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