How much do panels cost?

The Italians are wondering about the possibility of using new forms of energy production: one of them is clearly the option of photovoltaic panels. But is it really worth putting solar panels? Let’s try to understand together whether it is really relevant!

The The possibility of self-production The power is enormous, especially in today’s day when technology has reached levels never seen before. But what worries most, especially for Italy, is the instability of the energy system, which risks not supporting the weight of demand.

fixed Solar Panels, of different sizes, could it be the idea of ​​solving the problem and giving families more autonomy? Let’s look at it together.

Solar panels: how much do they cost to install?

Solar Panels

Let’s try to understand Cost and convenience to install a coil light panel For an average Italian family. It is clear that, first of all, it is necessary to have space for placing the panel: whether it is a balcony, a balcony or a roof. In these cases it is possible to install a small solar panel measuring 2 x 1 meter with a thickness of 3 cm.

For this type of painting, the expense is there 300 euros, Within reach of almost all families. Energy production approx 400 kWh. The convenience and versatility of the product makes the investment very interesting, especially for a quick recovery.

What is a thermal solar panel?

solar panel

Another mode of solar panels, in addition to the classic solar panels that produce energy, is the one that allows you to heat water, also called solar thermal panel. For this reason, a deduction of 65% is expected for amounts up to 92 thousand euros. Installing a system for a single family home capable of meeting all needs including charging an electric car, It will cost about 12 thousand euros.

This is, however, only in the case of the board without energy storage. With energy accumulation The price rises to 20 thousand euros, which makes the investment more expensive, but with the possibility of reselling the energy produced.

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