“I arrived as a child and go away sad like a man”

Decade Then tonight it was The last race with a shirt Lazio to Thomas Strakosha. 207 matches, including today’s match against Verona, with an eagle on his chest. At the end of the match, the goalkeeper, visibly excited, spoke into the microphones of Radio Lazio Style: “First of all, thank Lazio. What I am today is thanks to them, the fans, the device and my teammates from Primavera until today. it was a nice tripI don’t hide that I go away with my heartache, but I arrived like a child, and I go away like a man. Beautiful things begin but also have an end. I’m happy my way And I hope I’ve given the kids a dream: to believe that they can make it to the first team of the youth teams. Going to the Champions League with this shirt was fulfilling my dream when I was a kid. I can only say thank you.”

futureI will remember Lazio, you will always have a special fan. Out of respect for Lazio, I have not spoken to any club before today, things have come out that are not true, I wanted to finish the season and from now on I will think about my future. I wish you the best “.

memoriesA match that stayed in my heart? The first derby we played, we won the Italian Cup. There are many matches and it is difficult to choose. Which should I restart? I have no regrets because I always tried to give my best but in any case I say the match against Inter in 2018 in which we lost the Champions League.”

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