Lagarde (ECB): “Towards a rate hike in July. Cryptocurrencies are based on nothing and are worth nothing.”

The first rate hike by the European Central Bank in more than a decade may come in July, but concerns over the impact on growth Seems to be ruled out at the moment Hypothesis pressure of half a percentage point as Federal Reserve. “We will continue the path we have taken to end bond purchases,” the president said today. Christine Lagarde. Then comes the rally “a few weeks after” bid farewell to purchases, indicated at the beginning of July. While speaking to Dutch TV, Lagarde then focused on the hypothesis put forward by the Dutch central bank governor and European Central Bank board member. knot class, the first 50 basis point (0.5%) increase instead of a gradual 0.25 movement. “It’s not something I can say at the moment” – said Lagarde – while sharing “the same direction of travel” as the Dutch fundamentals at the ECB board, “we have to make sure that we are gradual enough not to put pressure on the car . in motion”, should We should instead “definitely raise the gas pedal to slow inflation”.

Then the head of the European Central Bank again warned against the characteristics and use of digital currencies, hoping to tighten regulation of this sector. Crypto assets “They are worth nothing, they depend on nothingno underlying asset acts as a safety anchor.” On the contrary, “when we have a central bank digital currency, a digital euro, I guarantee it will be completely different.” Lagarde explained that the fear is for savers safety “Which does not have Understanding the riskswhich risks losing everything, which is why I think (crypto assets, editor) should be regulated.” Bitcoin and Ether, the two most popular digital currencies, have halved their value compared to the peaks reached last November.

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