Luca Percassi, Atalanta: “Gasperini stays at 100%? Yes. The goal is always salvation”

Atalanta CEO, Luca Percasispeak into microphones dazn. “Let’s say it was a year with two faces, one very good, the second we suffered. We were unlucky. Obviously a season that made us champions, we did well in the Champions League, in the league well, and in Europe. We have struggled in recent months, but This is part of football. We start tonight from a crowd that has shown tenderness towards us. Let’s start again from here for a stronger Atalanta.”

on Ilicic. “We know the value he has, his loss this season has been a reflection. However, we have often and willingly shown that we can do without individuality.”

in programming. “Atalanta should do Atalanta, they’ve always done that in recent years. We have to be satisfied with what we’ve done this year. We think we have a team that had everything to fill certain positions. If we don’t finish, we may have made some mistakes, not everyone expects to reach Certain locations. Let’s start by making things as simple as possible, knowing that competing with certain cities and teams is very difficult. The motto my father always proclaimed at the beginning of the sports season. “First we keep 40 points.” We always had that streak. The first goal is salvation Then every season has its own story. We must get our feet on the ground.”

Will you restart 100% with Gasperini? “yes”.

Don’t you touch the jewels? “We know the coach’s needs, we always try to follow a common path and then one has ideas and we try to realize them. We always buy and sell, it is part of our reality. In the case of important performances, we have to evaluate them. The truth is that everything we did was in that spirit.”

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