Michelle Moroni and Elena Damario backfire? indiscretion…

Are Elena D Mario and Michelle Moroni back together? The Amici dancer and the Italian actor have had an affair in the past and it seems that they are back in love. To confirm the flashback is a photo that the actor posted on his social channels.

Michel Moroni And Elena damario They’ve been together for a few years now, until 2019, the year they ended their love story. However, a breach of hope has opened recently. It seems, in fact, that the two come back together. The indiscretion was leaked from a photo posted by the same actor in which he is with the dancer. friends.

Michele Moroni and Elena Damario together again

Michel Moroni and Elena D & # 8217;  Amario backfire?  & # 8217;  indiscretion & # 8230;Michel Moroni And Elena Damario They were spotted together in Pescara, side by side, and despite trying to maintain absolute secrecy, it was the same actor who revealed they were together, posting Photo On her social channels in the company of the dancer, tagging her as well.

The two were even together 2019The year they broke up, and now one’s back hopefull In the hearts of box lovers Backfire between two.

During these years, there was also talk of a possible story between the actor of the movie 365 Days and Belen Rodriguez; In fact, according to some rumors, the two dated after the first shutdown, a few months after Beilin and Belen’s relationship ended. Stefano Di Martinowho recently returned with him.

Moroni tattoo meaning

Michel Moroni and Elena D & # 8217;  Amario backfire?  & # 8217;  indiscretion & # 8230;

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s new tattoo from Michelle MoroniWho has the initials tattoo tattooed on his arm AMSwhich many have linked to the film’s co-star 365 daysAnd Anna Maria Cicluca, assuming a relationship between the two. However, the actor claimed that the tattoo referred to the initials of the third o’clock sistersOr rather Angela, Margarita and Stefania.

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