Norman Reedus confirms Death Stranding 2, development has just begun –

Death Stranding 2 It was confirmed from Norman Reedus: During an interview, the actor who plays Sam “Porter” Bridges said that Development has just begun.

In fact, last August, Reedus himself spoke about the negotiation phase of Death Stranding 2: Let’s imagine at this point that everything has passed and that Hideo Kojima And his team immediately began work on the project.

Guillermo del Torowith whom I filmed my first movie, he called me to tell me that someone called Hideo Kojima, was calling me and that I should say yes,” said the actor when asked. How did this experience begin.

“In what sense should I say yes?” I asked. And he said, “Don’t be a prick, just say yes.” I was in San Diego and Hideo arrived from Tokyo with a lot of people to show me that he was working on a game called the silent Hill. “

I was shocked of what he showed me, and so I immediately agreed to do so. It wasn’t Mrs. Pac-Man, but something very realistic, very futuristic, intricate and beautiful. I was shocked, as I said.”

Silent Hills was later canceled, but Norman Reedus devoted himself to Death Stranding. “It probably took two or three years to complete all the motion capture sessions and the rest.”

“It is a process that requires a lot of work. Then the game came out and won many awards, it was successful and so we started to dedicate ourselves to the game. sequel. “

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