Prices almost doubled this summer –

Despite the fact that some in the air transport sector are aiming to get rid of the cost of tickets, at the moment it seems that Italian passengers (and not only) are forced to give in to the face of Big price increases on European roads. It has been understood for weeks that the summer of 2022 is destined to be anything but a low cost. But if, on the one hand, the Bank of America estimates the average size of increases in continental firms compared to the pre-pandemic period of about 5-8%, on the other hand, restating the latest Istat data published on Saturday by codacon An even more annoying alarm sounded. According to the Consumers Association’s calculations, in fact, “Last month, European flight fares suffered from 91% increase Compared to the same period in 2021 “. Practically weakened. Rather, the transcontinental ones “increased by 35.7% While the national price grow out 15th2%“.

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On the basis of such a “case” we must first of all reKerosene price hike, more than doubled from last year. Also, as analyzed on Seven Leonard Burberry, «To revise tariffs upward there will also be Fewer connectionsAnddiscount offer Compared to three years ago and one The demand that – except for other crises – promises to be higher than that before Covid.” A mixture of a literally empty wallet, in stark contrast to the significant declines recorded in the most difficult phases of the pandemic. Therefore, the results of some of the travel simulations conducted by Codacons cannot be surprising: given Weekend from 10 to 12 June With departure in the morning and return in the afternoon and evening, for example, “to go to Paris you need at least in economy class 355 EURWhile “from Milan Malpensa to Lisbon we start from 364 EURRather, «to get to London (Heathrow) from Rome Fiumicino, you have to spend at least €399the price drops to €271 If you are ready to depart from Lynette and land on your return to Malpensa.” And finally, “We start from Rome – Madrid.” 240 EUR“.

Maritime and rail transport

With quotes like this around, it can be tempting to look for a valid alternative in Shipping. But even in this case – explains the Codacons – «Last month, it was Ferry prices increased by 19.4% compared to the same period in 2021.” On the contrary, the good news comes at least from the introduction of railway tickets, “This 9.9% decrease On an annual basis, as a result of lower restrictions on trains linked to Covid and the return of offers and discounts exercised by companies.”

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