The Russian-Ukrainian war, who is on the “blacklist” of Moscow against the United States: from Biden to Freeman, who will be denied entry to the country

Atmosphere BidenAnthony Blinkinbut also Mark Zuckerberg and Morgan free man. nearly a thousand Native Americans They will not be able to set foot Russia. Notice with names, posted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Moscow, in response to Penalties And widens the trench with Washington Against the background of the conflict in Ukraine. On the pro-Kiev front, it is London that raises the level of opposition with the Russians, proposing to the Allies to provide modern weapons also to Moldova. The “permanent” ban in Russia 963 Americans It will concern the top management of the US administration, from the president to the vice president Kamala HarrisPassing by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin And that of the Central Intelligence Agency William Burns.

Biden’s son was also targeted, Fisher manAnd Hillary Clintonand the Black list It has expanded to include highly influential figures in the United States and internationally. Like Facebook founder Zuckerberg and Hollywood star Freeman. The latter was accused in particular of recording a video clip in 2017 In which he claimed that Moscow was plotting against the United States. For Russia it was one “appropriate” answer at “hostilities” “American authorities and those who serve them” because ‘Fear of Russia’The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Lavrov, clarified the re-proposition of allegations “neo colonialism” A failure to recognize new geopolitical realities.

They have also been added to the blacklist 26 Canadian citizensincluding wife from the prime minister Justin Trudeauas part of a new one Diplomatic counterattack Which in recent days led to the expulsion of dozens of them Diplomats The Italians, the Spaniards and the French in response to the Russians’ banishment from Rome, Madrid and Paris. As for American diplomats, the commitment to leave the country began two months ago. The Russians kept the door open, officially at least, to ensure that they “do not seek confrontation” and are “open to honest dialogue and mutual respect.” But after more than 3 months they continued to invade Ukraine. London In particular, a staunch supporter of the Kremlin, he fears it Russian President Vladimir Putin It can go further and also aim at Moldova. In this scenario, the British Foreign Secretary les truss He said his government started arguing with international allies Send modern weapons to Chisinau So it can protect itself from Russia and would like to see the small country in southwest Ukraine “equipped by NATO standards”.

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