Un Posto al Sole, entry to the cast: the new character will make Posillipo shudder

There is another novelty for Un Posto al Sole: a new character with a dark face will enter the soap opera

New plots expected in the spring episodes of place in the sun. The long-running television series broadcast daily (weekdays) Ray Tree Which appears among the products most followed by Italian families in prime times.

Somewhere Under the Sun (Instagram)

Among the vicissitudes of the near future, news stands out new characterAlmost always ready to join the cast. But it’s not an emotional entanglement or a sense of humor: in this case it would be an entrance most likely connected the underworld Organizer.

At the moment, nothing specific is known about this new entry. But one thing is for sure: the actor will play him Gianluca Polis. In fact, this wouldn’t be a completely new entry, as his face has already been broadcast A place in the sun 2018but only as a quick look.

Gianluca Pugliese joins Opus: back to talking about Camorra

At the moment, only a still image of Gianluca Polisin which the original Formia actor is presented in dark clothes and a rugged look, as if implying that he is a shy and not quite obedient character.

Gianluca Pulissi (Upas Photo)

Thus, the indiscretions that come directly from the Posillipo group speak of a conspiracy associated with the Neapolitan Camorra. The speech is back in vogue with the return of the judge’s personality Eugenio Nicotera, Who just arrested his boss Argento.

An important comeback was also added to Pugliese’s arrival in the cast. that personality Mariano Trigarathe currently imprisoned criminal boss, as well as Clara’s natural father (Emma Peroni).

It is possible that the two letters are related, even if there is no certainty about that connection. Don’t rule it out Bolian You play a relative Trigarh Heador perhaps his right hand, ready to carry out his duties in the street while he is still in prison.

The story thickens and intrigues as They become darker. One thing is for sure: it looks like the new character of Gianluca Pugliese will make Posillipo and the condominiums at Palladini Palace tremble.

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