Indiana Jones won’t be an Xbox exclusive, Jez Corden is sure of it –

As pointed out by Jez Corden, the Indiana Jones game Currently in development at MachineGames It won’t be an Xbox exclusive.

The information was shared during The Xbox Two podcast. Jes Corden says he knows it won’t be exclusive. He says it in a way that shows that he is sure of it. In other words, the game will also be released on consoles Play Station.

So far, it has never been said whether or not the game will be an Xbox exclusive. MachineGames It is one of the teams under the Zenimax / Bethesda brand and thus became a part of Xbox Game Studios. The game was announced when a team move under the Microsoft umbrella was already underway. However, development deals may have been done prior to the acquisition, so it’s possible that it’s actually cross-platform. Jes Corden now confirms it.

Obviously, we are talking about a rumor and not official information. We’ll have to wait for the team to announce the reference platforms.

To stay on topic, here’s the first photo of the new movie with Harrison Ford, which will arrive in 2023.

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