Men and women, Veronica and Matteo break the rules: they were caught this way

In the past few hours, Veronica Raimondi and her choice of men and women have violated the rules of the program. Here’s what happened.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer to stream files Choice of two tronists of men and womenLuca Salatino and Veronica Raimondi. According to the development of dating show Canale Cinque – as always indicated on the Instagram page Menedonneclassicoeover – the options should air in a few days, around May 31. But at the moment nothing is certain regarding the exact date. In recent episodes we have seen the discussion and the subsequent ‘end’ between Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri. Now the two options and another recording are missing and this edition must be finished. But turning to the two heroes, Veronica and Matteo, How did they violate the program policy?? This is exactly what happened.

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Men and women, Veronica and Matteo violate the regulation

As Issa and Shea reported, in the last hours, the tronista of Men and Women with her choice violated the program’s regulation. As we know, by regulation, tronists are expected – until the chosen episode is broadcast – not to be seen around or on social networks with their pick.

But this is clearly what happened with Veronica Raimondi and Matteo Farnea, Even if unintentionally. On the girl’s birthday, a friend of hers pictured her in pictures with a boy. The image is taken from above so the numbers are visible but the details are not noticeable. So far nothing bad.

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However, problems arose when Tronista’s fiancé, Matteo Farnea, was the one who shared the photos posted by Veronica’s friend. However, the boy immediately noticed the error, and then proceeded to immediately delete it. But someone managed to capture the moment with screenshots. Who knows that the show didn’t say anything to the boys!

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