Simona Izzo publishes a picture of Luca Argentero with his ex-wife: a ridiculous slip

Simona Izzo has been at the center of a web controversy over a photo posted on social media, depicting her niece Miriam Catania with her ex-husband: Luca Argentero.

Simona Izzo seems to have ended up at the center of the controversy in the past few hours, after posting a photo on social media that left everyone speechless. It seems that the well-known actress and voice actress posted a picture of her niece, Myriam Catania on social media and so far there would be nothing wrong with that were it not for the fact that the picture was related to her wedding day. Luca Argentero. Here is the controversy that has unleashed on the Internet.

Simona Izzo makes a mistake that doesn’t go unnoticed: the web is going wild

Luca Argentero and Miriam Catania have been together for several years: their marriage has made fans dream for years. The two married in 2007 and after nine years they ended their romance, in fact they separated in 2016. The following year they both found love again with other partners.

In these hours Simona Azzo aunt Catania. She posted a picture on social media depicting Myriam and Luca on their wedding day. In the photo caption, Ezo wrote a rather sad caption: “Miriam and Luca..but love is not eternal.”

It seems that the actress and director’s intention was only to be remembered with affection by Luca, who seems to have always expressed words of great appreciation. It is unfortunate that this gesture by Izu was not viewed favorably by many, which ended up at the center of a major controversy.

Izzo ended up in the middle of a storm on social media and there are many negative comments coming in: “I don’t understand why this post, ok”, “Total out of place”, “Times have passed, I don’t understand the meaning of this picture”, “Marry” And dad happily, I don’t know, but I think Luca is now a piece of the past “,” In bad taste!!! Among other things, they have other things families and children … “,” Simona … che c’azzecca è foto Come on.. “,” No well, what’s the point? “,” Although there may still be a lot of good and respectful not to respect Luca’s new wife. Wonderful among other things “,” Disrespectful and in bad taste.

Many negative comments like this below the photo posted on Instagram by Simona Izzo, but there were also those who understood the intention and decided to defend it: “Nice, yes, it happens, it’s life!, I divorced after 30 years and three children. Life is more beautiful than Ever,” but why out of place? Why do you have to pretend the past doesn’t exist to live in the present? It’s a beautiful reminder of something from the past. Why would anyone be offended? I don’t understand.”

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