Alto those Chinese versions, this time the “version” comes from Japan

When a car design is simple and efficient, it is only natural that the world will try to imitate it. There are those who manufacture vehicles under license and those who might even peek at projects without saying so…

So far, unfortunately the topic of plagiarism is the topic of the hour. Yes, because as we have seen many times e From multiple trusted sourcesthere are many brands – especially Chinese – that take advantage of legislative loopholes or the absence of some European or American manufacturers in their markets to copy the design of a car that has achieved great success in Europe, and then put it back on the local market.

Biagio Monkey (web source)

An industry that definitely didn’t need to ask anyone for anything She is Japanese. With brands that have been active in some cases since the 1930s, the Japanese auto industry is one of the longest-lived and is so original in Asia that it even surpassed even American and European brands in some respects, putting them in jeopardy in the 1970s with the import of many premium cars.

But… there is a slight flaw in the history of one of these homes, at least in our opinion. Let’s talk about Daihatsu, now part of the Toyota Group, a company specializing in the production of small cars, work cars and the infamous Key Cars, very fashionable little vintage cars in Japan. One of these has suspicious similarities to an Italian car.

Guilty or innocent?

officially, Daihatsu Dwarf Which translated into our language simply means “Nano” inspired by the 1952 American Cushman Truckster, a very basic looking motorized tricycle. However, some of the settings for the first troll series are Really, it looks a lot like Biagio’s monkeyThe most famous tricycle in the world.

Dahiatsu Dwarf Wikicommons 28_05_2022 Quatromania
Coincidence? Are we mischievous? (wikipedia)

This method was introduced in the mid-fifties wow So in Japan that a version of the K100 was introduced in 1996, the second generation of the pickup truck is said to be so popular with local bartenders because it is perfect for putting beer kegs in its loading compartment. This model has a very original and interesting design.

Dwarf Flick 28_05_2022 Quattromania
Daihatsu… Monkey? (Flickr)

But for the first series, I suspect the designers of Daihatsu They may have “stealed” a small thing From the remains of our monkey. You saw it in the photo above, there are literally two identical copies! Well guys, we only forgive you because cars like the Impreza and Lancer arrived from Japan…

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