Another Russian colonel killed: this is what it was

Another Russian commander was killed by the Ukrainians in the war against Putin, now in its third month: the lieutenant-colonel. Alexander DosyagaevChief of the 104th Air Assault Regiment. The announcement was made on Facebook directly by the Department of Strategic Communications of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This is the incalculable loss of a prominent member of Putin’s army. Many generals and colonels have already lost in these months, which surprised the same analysts who did not expect such a negative escalation.

Who was Dosyagaev

The commander of the air assault battalion of the 104th Air Assault Regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Dosyagaev, became a huge fan of Kobzon’s work. Alexander won the nomination “Winged Infantry” at the festival “Russian Army 2021”, but this did not help him when meeting with Ukrainian warriors.“, is reading NB Published by the Zelensky Circle. At the beginning of May, General David Petraeus, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and former commander of the United States Central Command, said that at least ten Russian generals had already been killed in Ukraine, but the number is higher. At the end of the note we can read some Ukrainian relief to get rid of another important reason for Putin’s forces: “Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Ukraine will win!

The news was also reported (this time) by Russian media such as Vkwhich has confirmed The disappearance of the colonel by publishing some archive photos. The death dates back to May 24 even if it was only announced today. “On May 24, 2022, during an offensive battle within an assault group, the battalion commander received multiple injuries incompatible with life.The Russians commented.

The death of the Russian generals

As mentioned, the war in Ukraine was fatal for the top positions in Moscow with at least 16 generals killed as well as many colonels and captains. The Kremlin never openly commented on these losses, but it was always “extremely disturbed” by the unimaginable numbers on the eve of the conflict. analysis Reasonsthere are at least two considerations: communication technology has not helped the Russian soldiers much yet, as it has exposed their strategists to particular exposure to the local army and also because the soldiers themselves, at times, will not be able to carry out orders issued by forcing the great commanders to go to the front lines and lead them.

The Ukrainian General Staff just updated the figures for losses Calculated by Kyiv so far: as he writes Ukrinform, the losses of Putin’s soldiers just exceeded 30 thousand (30,150), 150 in the past 24 hours. Not to mention the tanks, vehicles, missiles, anti-aircraft warfare systems, helicopters and ships that have been destroyed so far.

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