Are you entitled to the bonus or incentive? To find out the answer, the Mise- . platform arrives

Integrated platform – – Which includes in one gate in a non-dispersive manner Calls, notifications, instructions, calls for expressions of interest, subsidies for companies, VAT numbers, start-ups, professionals. Online since June 2, it has set itself the goal of having an inverse logic: centered on the demand for companies likely to benefit from it rather than on the offer of rewards and government-promoted projects. It is a formidable challenge: to bring public administration to the service of citizens and businesses. A goal to be pursued: All recent governments have channeled their energies, but not always with satisfactory results. This time, it will be specified for each facility Categories of interest, opening and closing dates of branches, technical characteristics, acceptable costs and regional scope. On the site built by the Ministry of Development under the leadership of Giancarlo Giorgetti, updated legislation and application forms. With the contents organized on the basis of enhancing knowledge of business support interventions, also through AI-based applications.

Unique offer

An effort for transparency, rationalization and the common factor. It is also called database interoperability, because The state already has everything available that only little advertised and bad interventions. We need a unique offer. It’s the accessibility that doesn’t compel companies (and consulting and design firms that work in what we can determine Reward economy) having to separate blurred pages and hyperlinks referring to sentences by azzeccagarbugli: Mandarin State, Prevalent in ministerial technical structures, with significant legal skills and few communication and marketing skills.

Incentives for citizens and companies

On the other hand, for years we have been seeing polarization in our production model, among a group of companies, 20% of the total, the protagonist of the entire amount of our exports, and The other 80% are still tied to internal consumption demand which often thrives on incentives. But in 80% there is another sub-sector, 60,000 companies at least, that can make a big leap by pulling our GDP, increasing the bill for goods and products, and building additional demand for professional services in a way that causes our service sector to grow in size. To do so, it must be better linked to stimulus policies decided upon by governments. The classic example is the sheer number of incentives for self-employment. Let’s mention a few: Smart & Start for Innovative Companies, In (Beyond New, Useless Businesses) Relax in the South to Do New Activities in the South, Cultura Crea, which funds cultural art projects, self-employment with zero-interest loans for entrepreneurship initiatives for those not studying or working. How much does he know them?

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