Children’s calls to the police and the murder of Ramos Corriere

The massacre reconstruction provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows the dynamics of the massacre minute by minute: the killer’s shot of the grandmother, the school entrance through a door left open by accident, the children’s calls to 911, until the last ambush of Santos hiding in a locker

A little after 11.00. Ramos shoots his grandmother in the face. Gilbert Gallegos, 82, who lives across from the house, hears a shot as he stands in the yard. He ran home and saw Ramos rushing into a pickup truck and his grandmother running toward him, begging for help, covered in blood. That’s what he did, he shot me, said the lady to Gallegos, whose wife called the police to report the shooting.

11.27. Video shows a teacher, yet to be identified by authorities, opening an outside door to the school, Texas Public Safety Director Steve McCraw says.

11.28. The teacher goes out to retrieve the phone and then enters again through the door that remains open. It is not clear why the teacher retrieved the phone. Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Considine clarified Thursday that investigators have not determined why the door was left open.

11.28. Ramos crashes his pickup truck into a drain behind the school. Two men from a nearby funeral home hear the incident and run to see what happened. They see Ramos jump from the passenger side with an AR-15 rifle and a bag full of ammunition. The men run away frightened and Ramos shoots without hitting them. One of the men fell to the ground but both returned to the funeral home. A panicked teacher walks out of school and calls 911.

11.30. 911 received a call to report the incident and the presence of a man with a gun at the school.

11.31. Ramos starts shooting at the school from the parking lot, as police cars start arriving at the funeral home. Ramos makes his way around the school building. The school district police officer on duty that day was not on campus at the time, contrary to what was previously reported. The officer goes to the school as soon as he receives a 911 call and approaches a person at the back of the school, thinking he is the gunman. Macro, the director of public safety, explained that when the officer ran towards the man, who turned out to be a teacher, he drove past the suspect who was sitting behind a car.

11.32. Ramos fired several shots at the school and then headed for the open door.

11.33. Five minutes after hitting the pickup truck, Ramos entered the school and began shooting two adjacent classes, 111 and 112. Over 100 shots were fired.

11.35. Three local police officers entered the school through the same door that Ramos used, followed by four other officers. Thus, there are a total of seven agents within the building. Two of them sustained bruises from Ramos.

11.37. Firing continues, 16 more rounds in total, McCraw says: It’s unclear who fired it.

11.51. Arrival of a police sergeant and other law enforcement officers: 21 minutes have passed since the first 911 call.

12.03. A woman called 911 and whispered she was in room 112, the call lasted 1 minute 23 seconds.

12.03. Clients continue to enter the school, in the corridor next to the room where Ramos is holed up, 19 clients are found.

12.06. Anne-Marie Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the Uvald Independent School District, posted a post on the district’s Facebook page: All universities are closed. Uvald School District School Parents: Please be aware that all universities are currently closed due to gunshots fired in the district. Students and staff are safe in closed buildings. Your cooperation is required at this time: do not show up on campus. Once the lockdown is lifted, you will be notified. thank you for cooperation !.

12.10. The woman who called 911 at 12.03 called again and said there were more deaths. He called again at 12.13 and then again at 12.16, when he said there were between 8 and 9 students alive.

12.10. The first group of federal agents from the US Marshals Service arrive in Del Rio from over 11 kilometers to assist other law enforcement officers already on site.

12.15. The arrival of the members of the Tactical Division of the Border Patrol with protective shields.

12.19. Another girl in room 111 calls 911 but hangs up when a partner asks her to hang up.

12.21. Ramos shoots again and agents think he’s standing at the door of one of the adjoining classrooms. The police are moving along the corridor.

12.21. Three shots are heard during the 911 call. At the moment, the police are stuck in the corridor because the classroom doors are locked and they have to look for the keys from a school employee.

12.36. A child calls 911 for 21 seconds. At the same time, the girl calls the emergency number and asks her to stay on the line and remain silent. The girl said he shot the door.

12.43. Girl urges 911 operator: Please send the police immediately.

12.46. The girl says she can hear the police next door.

12.47. The girl turned to the 911 operator again: Send the police immediately, please.

12.50. The agents open the doors with the keys of a school employee, enter the classroom and kill Ramos, who surprisingly greets them by coming out of a locker and shooting them. You hear shots during a 911 call: 1 hour and 7 minutes since the assailant entered school, 1 hour and 20 minutes since 911 got his first call from a teacher, 1 hour and 50 minutes since the 18-year-old shot his grandmother and the neighbor alerted the police.

12.51. Officers can be heard transporting children out of the classroom.

12.58. Law enforcement radio talks claim that Ramos has been killed and the blockade is over, says Victor Escalon, the Texas Department of Public Safety’s regional director.

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