Coffee and cholesterol, is there a real danger to our health? the whole truth

Coffee and cholesterol, what are the real risks to our health? Let’s see if coffee really raises cholesterol.

Coffee and cholesterol, are there health risks? (Christophe via Pixabay)

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As we know, cholesterol is a Fats naturally present in the blood They are largely produced by the body, and instead a small part is introduced through food.

But when it is present in excess amounts, cholesterol is present One of the main risk factors for the development of heart disease.

This usually happens when you are overweight, when you have an unhealthy diet and a disorganized life, with smoking habits and lack of physical activity. Even some metabolic diseases, such as diabeticIt may be associated with high cholesterol.

According to a study, hypercholesterolemia currently affects the 38% of Italians, up from 20 years ago. This condition inevitably leads to a series of food restrictions, which are now increasing due to new research on a popular drink that everyone loves: coffee.

Coffee and cholesterol, research

norwegian research, Tromso Hearth Studyin fact highlighted an alleged link between coffee and theincrease in cholesterol.

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Norwegian coffee and cholesterol research
Norwegian research sheds light on the relationship between cholesterol and coffee (Photo by Elias Sharif Vala Mardini from Pixabay)

The research included 14,500 people, and the results showed that people who drank boiled and unfiltered coffee actually drank it An increase in cholesterol levels in the blood.

However, it appears that the increase in cholesterol levels does not depend on the coffee itself, but on the way it is prepared.

In fact, if the coffee is brewed with mocha or pods, the coffee is not a risk. On the contrary, it is boiled coffee, a preparation used mainly in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, or in rich Turkey Kafstolo And the Cafeholo Offending substances that will cause high cholesterol.

Norwegian coffee and cholesterol research
Coffee, the problem is the preparation (Negative-Space Photography by Pixabay)

Therefore, we Italians can breathe a sigh of relief easily, without having to add coffee to the blacklist of prohibited foods, and can safely sip coffee without risking our health.

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